All of the options below include access to our Discord server, a place where readers and staff can hang out and chat. After you sign up for one of the below options, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to enable this feature.

Gift options allow you to purchase a subscription on behalf of someone else. Because of how the software handles gifts, you will have to pay for a year up-front. After the subscription expires, a renewal notice will be sent to the gift recipient.


Billed monthly. Subscriptions start with the next issue. (December payment is for January, January is for February, etc.) Digital editions are released on the first of the month and you will be notified by email when they are available for download.


Print and Digital Combined Subscriptions (Why so expensive? see FAQ)

  • Print and Digital Clarkesworld (USA Only) — $13.99/month
    Print issues typically ship mid-late month.
  • Print and Digital Clarkesworld (Canada, Europe*, Australia) — $18.99/month
    International print issues are shipped every two months to keep the shipping costs down.
    * (We are unable to ship subscriptions to Ukraine or Russia at this time. VAT fees may be required on delivery for EU/UK subscribers. We recommend subscribing at Patreon to have VAT processing simplified.)
  • Other countries
    Unfortunately, we have to suspend shipping to other countries. The service we’ve used has proven unreliable and we are left with no viable alternative for regions of the world other than those listed above. Even if we doubled the price, we’d still lose money. We haven’t given up, but cannot responsibly take on new subscribers in your countries at this time.

Digital subscriptions to Clarkesworld and Forever are also sold on our behalf by third parties.


Billed monthly. If you’re happy with the online or podcast editions want to support us (but don’t want a subscription) citizenship is the option for you. Clarkesworld Citizens earn virtual perks, like being listed in the Census Appendix of our annual print and digital Clarkesworld anthology.


  • Monthly $2 (Citizen) – Pledge
  • Monthly $3 (Burgermeister) – Pledge
  • Monthly $5 (Royalty) – Pledge
  • Monthly $10 (Overlord) – Pledge
  • Monthly $25 (Deity) – Pledge

For transparency’s sake, you should know that a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 is subtracted from your pledge by Stripe, our credit card processing company. For example, we receive $2.61 from a $3 charge, $4.55 from a $5 charge, etc. Subscriptions are also available from third parties. For details on how direct support compares to third party subscription, please see our FAQ.