While this site is aimed at direct subscriptions and support of Clarkesworld, we know that there are certain advantages to using third parties to receive your subscriptions. For example, Amazon subscriptions are automatically delivered to your Kindle, a valuable convenience we cannot offer. In addition to distribution, these third parties also shoulder the burden of support, giving us more time to work on content. In the end, we want you to choose the option that works best for you. For a details on the difference in fees we are charged for third party vs. direct subscriptions, see our FAQ.

Here’s a list of other places you can get a digital subscription to Clarkesworld.


Amazon is ending their support for subscriptions in September 2023, so subscribing there isn’t the best idea.

Kindle and Kindle Apps for Android, iPhone & iPad. Issues will automatically be delivered to your device as they are released. 30-day free trial available.
BUY HERE – Amazon.com (for US, Canadian and international subscribers not covered below)
BUY HERE – Amazon.co.uk
BUY HERE – Amazon.de
BUY HERE – Amazon.fr

B&N Nook Newsstand

Use your Nook or the Nook app to buy individual issues or subscriptions!
BUY HERE – barnesandnoble.com


Digital subscriptions to Clarkesworld and Forever Magazine are also available as rewards for supporting us with certain monthly pledge levels at Patreon.

Weightless Books

Epub (Nook, Kobo, Sony, etc.) or Mobi (Kindle) format. You will be emailed about new issues as they become available for download. If you don’t have an ereader, you can use the files supplied by Weightless with the free Nook and Kindle apps for the Mac or PC.

Weightless is currently our only reseller than can offer gift subscriptions. More details in the comments section of our page there.